WTF, Instagram?


Okay, let me make this REALLY QUICK.

Sound the alarm!

Instagram just rolled out Stories.

SERIOUSLY, INSTAGRAM? What’s the deal with that!

All right, peeps of the interwebz… So Instagram came up with a “new” way for us to connect with our friends and family – and this is through Stories. Essentially, what you do is take a photo or video and upload it to your “Stories” for your friends to see. These stories last for 24 hours (wow, how ever did you think about that!) and you can actually see who viewed your stories (quite original, I must say!)

BONUS tho: You can actually choose with whom you’d like to share your stories. Yay for custom settings, Instagram!13918852_530392567146137_1909685761_o


No filters yet? Update me if there are any. THIS IS CRUCIAL AND I WANT TO KNOW ASAP so I’m not missing any animal filters.

I used it a couple of times yesterday and today – and guess what… my stories on Instagram have more views than my Snapchat ones. WHY? Because I have a more people following me on Instagram than on Snapchat.


Instagram holds the upper hand in this game because:

a) it has been around since 2010, which means more people have been using it for a far longer time.
Let’s compare stats, shall we? Well.. Instagram has 400 million active users daily while Snapchat has 100 million. That alone is a huge difference to cope with.

b) it’s public and discoverable. Social media marketers are hot on their feet coming up with new strategies to put this new feature to good use.

c) it’s owned by Facebook. Need I say more? Anything the Zuckerman touches turn into gold – well, in this case, into billion-dollar-generating projects. (Remember Periscope and Time Hop? No? There’s a good reason for that: Facebook created Facebook Live and On This Day to bury the former two.)

Let’s face it. Instagram has been on its slower side as people were rushing toward the next hot thing. They rolled out DMs – nobody bothered using it; changed their logo and brand colors – reviews were mixed; they messed up the feed, people complained. It was as if somebody put a curse on them and they couldn’t shake it off.

Until this week.

On my way to work today, I scrolled through my friends’ stories and a lot of them seem to be having a great time. Many of them never really jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon, and so they feel like this “brand-new” thing may be something they could have fun with – finally. After all the boring-ness that Instagram has given them.

Teens may never lose interest in Snapchat because let’s face it, young people (I’m sobbing because I’m no longer one of them) are more adept with it; but people like me (SOBBING AGAIN) will be more inclined to use Instagram Stories. The reach is just SO MUCH BETTER ON THERE.


Social media is all abuzz and I’m enjoying it all! The moral to all this?

For businesses and brands: Apps and platforms are all rented land. Build your own following in your own space (aka your website and your email list) and target your audience based on who’s genuinely interested in you (demographic insights exist for a reason).

For everyone else? KEEP UP. Social media game should always be strong, bruh.

What do you think? Is Instagram Stories better than Snapchat? Either way, follow me on IG: @leanfern and Snapchat: @leeyansnaps!

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