Why I Blog


I live such a boring, mundane, routine life that most people wouldn’t really be interested in reading about me, my life, and especially not about my #ootd (that means outfit of the day – for you people who live under a rock). I don’t go on epic travel adventures or attend fancy events. I am not a lifestyle blogger because the kind of lifestyle I live isn’t exactly “blog-worthy.”

I’m sorry to disappoint.

But here’s the thing: I am not blogging for you to be impressed at how glamorous my life is (because it isn’t). I am not blogging because I want to show you how good I am at putting outfits together (I’m not). I am not blogging because I want to get sponsorships and freebies (although that would be fantastic!)

This blog has very specific and targeted reasons.

This is my portfolio

Whenever potential clients get my resume (or my email/LinkedIn message), I direct them here, to my blog. This saves both of us time in going back and forth. When a potential client sees my work, he can decide right then and there if we need to communicate more, perhaps via Skype or an in-person talk, if my style of writing and the kind of work I do suit his brand/business.

Clients almost always ask for a writing sample – either for a content writing position or just because he/she wants to make sure you can put together a decent enough paragraph for email correspondence. This blog is a sample on its own. People get to see what my writing style is, what I’m interested in, and what I’m good at. Photographers and image models have portfolios; web developers too. I don’t see why content writers and virtual assistants shouldn’t.

A way to exercise my brain

Fitness nerds get their high from working out and exercising. Word nerds such as myself get the satisfaction from blogging. Blogging is my way of exercising my brain and practicing. I’m not that great at my craft yet, but I’m working on it – and this blog helps me do just that.

This is an emotional outlet

Although I don’t write about any of my personal feelings on this blog, I find that writing about the things I like or care about releases some of the tension I feel. Writing on this blog relaxes me after a whole day of writing about numbers and things that hurt my brain so much.

I live a very fast-paced life, so fast that at the end of each day, I am left all dried up and exhausted. Amazingly, writing about the things I care about makes me feel lighter and better.

A way to find my “voice”

I work for several different clients who ask me to write in their voice. One is playful and easy-breezy and fun, so I have to write upbeat, enthusiastic pieces for her. Another client is the serious, “strictly business” type whom I write financial articles for. Then there’s the ultraspiritual one whose content need to be calm and spirit-centric. Writing content for different people is an art, much like acting. You get to play different roles.

Because of this, I tend to forget who I really am. I tend to forget my style. I tend to forget how I write.

This blog reminds me of exactly how I want my content done, and I want myself to be able to acknowledge that I have an individual voice.

Do you run a blog? What’s it about? What are the goals behind your blogging?


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