Why Do Clients Hire Virtual Assistants?


Many of you might not be able to fully grasp the concept of people working remotely for other people, but in today’s world where the Internet is the base for most businesses, virtual bosses and virtual employees are becoming a trend.

Virtual assistants, as discussed in my previous post, are administrative assistants that help (mostly) foreign clients looking for assistance in, well, doing administrative tasks.

But why do they need VAs?

The question then is why do these clients feel the need to hire someone from across the globe to help them do work that is very much important in their businesses? Why take the risk?

Yes, it is risk. Imagine giving your login credentials to someone you really haven’t met IRL (in real life), someone whom you know only via their portfolios and voice (sometimes face, because video calling) over Skype. The answer is this: it’s cost-efficient and quite economical. When we view this from a client’s standpoint, hiring Filipino VAs gives them the edge that they need in their business. How so? Well, Filipino VAs do a lot more work for much less. The cost of hiring one assistant from their own country can equate to 5-10 virtual assistants – this fact alone is a major selling point. Filipino VAs also find this arrangement advantageous for a number of obvious reasons (working from home and earning dollars ain’t bad, you see).

It’s the Zone They’re In

A lot of these clients (who are often called online entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, webpreneurs, or digital nomads) are people who are either working a full-time job and creating their own businesses after shift or are those that have already quit their corporate, nine-to-five jobs (now probably living in Bali or traveling the world) and just have enough to sustain their entrepreneurial endeavors for a couple of months until they are able to monetize it or have revenue come in. This puts them in a space where they have such limited time but with so many things to do. The limited time they have should be channeled toward doing things that actually contribute to growing their businesses, such as establishing strong business-to-business networks, attending conferences that enrich their knowledge and skills, creating strategies for B2B marketing, engaging in sales and coaching calls, and the like. Adding in email and calendar management, social media management, and content management puts unwanted pressure on them. The thing is, no matter how small and mundane these tasks are, they need to be taken care of. This is where the VA comes in and saves the day.

Social Media and the Business

Businesses rely heavily on building and maintaining a strong and healthy social media presence – they have to be very visible on Facebook, tweets need to go out, Instagram needs to be updated, Pinterest has to contain valuable content, and etc. All these social media platforms need to be attended to because this is how their businesses thrive; this is how their businesses gain traction, attention, and reach a wider audience. Consumers translate to money -money that is essential in keeping a business alive.

With this said, virtual assistants need to understand that they not only are an integral part of team – but of the entire business as well. Hence, VAs should always be purposeful in doing their everyday tasks. VA shouldn’t just work for the salary; we should work hand-in-hand with the client to grow the business. Because when the business grows and flourishes, there’s more in store for us VAs too.

Become an effective virtual assistant, and you’ll get the trust (and friendship) of your client. When this happens, everyone’s happy.

Let’s Be Friends!

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