What Exactly Do I Do?


I’m an all-around kind of girl.

Well, yeah, partly true. I started working online as a general virtual assistant, which meant that my tasks revolved around email management, appointment setting, data mining and research, etc. My first-ever client made me call out and set appointments – which was okay, as the calls weren’t that heavy. I spent two years in a call center, so I know what queueing (aka suffering) feels like. And the calls I did were far from what I had to endure before.

In 2012, I met a client who was into blogging – and he taught me the basics, the ins and outs, the ROI of blogging, the goals, etc. It was an eye-opening lesson, as I always thought of blogging as just writing away and depending on Adsense to give you moolah. I learned that blogging is a marketing machine.

Then in 2015, I came back to Cebu with a thirst to learn more. I began researching and focused on social media marketing and email marketing.┬áSo far, I’ve been to several workshops, read a number of books on the topics, and followed a ton of authority online.

I now work as a B2C marketing coordinator for a smartphone app. My role in the team has evolved, though. I now do a lot of writing and research.

My goal is to help Filipino VAs like me land quality clients by providing quality services. I want Filipino VAs to not only be skilled, but be the best at what they do – and that’s why we need to fully understand what our clients are doing, what their goals are, as well as what struggles they are having. This is so we can help them and add value to their business and life.

How about you? What do you do? Are you a VA too? What are your areas of expertise? Let’s share what we know! :)


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