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I was invited by my college friend, Angelica, to an event that her company was organizing. Angelica is the digital marketing manager for Blue Ocean BPO, a company that houses the sharpest minds in Cebu.

Yup, I’m confident in saying that because I got to witness it for myself! On March 18, I attended the Social Media Powwow by Blue Ocean BPO at Bintana Coffee House (a quaint little coffee place somewhere in Elizabeth Pond).

powwow1Darwin, social media manager

I got there just in time for the discussion on social media scheduling. Darwin, a virtual employee from Blue Ocean, showed us a sample social media calendar. As a social media manager, you have to have to understand that consistency is the key to any successful online campaign. With this in mind, it’s best to always be organized and know in advance what to post on which social platform, and when.

Some important tidbits from his talk:

  • Plan everything and help the client understand why and how you came up with such a plan (i.e., why did you pick this time to post, what are the results we expect to get out of this schedule, etc.)
  • The importance of setting (and achieving) goals – because that’s what we’re on social media for anyway. Darwin also stressed that prior to any action, ask your client what his expectations are of you – just so there is no misunderstanding.
  • The dos and don’ts of social media posting
  • The importance of social media marketing

powwow2John Li, content writer

Up next was my favorite topic: content.

John V, a content writer and social media specialist, talked about optimizing your content. He stressed that when you create content, you should focus on emotion. “Emotion is a universal thing,” according to John V, hence it should be a main factor that you should consider. “If your page is about mixed martial arts, you wouldn’t want to share photos of cute cats [on your brand page].” Lol, makes total sense!

Emotion is a universal thing Click To Tweet

Images also play a big thing in driving your content to success, says John V, and that’s why Instagram has been wildly successful. “Reading is hard; looking is easy” – remember that!

The next speaker was John Li. He discussed quality content and crafting your content around what your audience is interested in. Using your imagination to make something exciting out of a boring topic is one of the key points that I took away from his talk. My favorite part was when someone asked John to turn a boring topic such asĀ fungus (err) into something interesting – and he went on to say that one could probably describe how fungi creeps into the human anatomy, how it produces a reeking smell, and the need for you to cleanse your entire body (complete with body language, man!)

Takeaway: your audience should always come first. Find out what they’re genuinely interested in so you can create content that will resonate with them, solve their problems, and have an impact on their daily lives.

17362070_10203025430273414_6458238765424580808_nJazz, graphic designer and social media specialist (credits: Blue Ocean team)

Jazz came in with a pretty interesting topic: design for social media. She taught us how to tell whether a design is ugly or not – and how to fix bad design.

When you're designing for a client, you have to set aside your personal preferences Click To Tweet

Bad design has any or all of the following:

  • information overload (too much information, text in one image)
  • the Where’s Waldo? game (bad design doesn’t consider the proper positioning of information; all pertinent info should be clear and well-placed on the graphic/visual)
  • “I need glasses” moment (too tiny text – and also, Jazz is adamant in telling us all NOT TO USE COMIC SANS. For the love of God, please don’t)
  • Overcrowded designs
  • An eyesore (I don’t think this needs an explanation)

“When you’re designing for a client, you have to set aside your personal preferences,” says Jazz.


The last speaker was Stephanie, social media specialist and senior BPO trainer. Stephanie taught us the basics of Facebook Ads. This is especially important to social media managers, as the topic shows another side of Facebook. The previous speakers taught us how to create, optimize, and position content in such a way that the audience sees whatever products or services we are trying to sell. With Stephanie’s talk, we were shown the more important side of social media marketing – and that is how we can get an additional “boost” to our Facebook posts – through ads.

Stephanie showed us what Facebook ads look like, how to create them, how to do targeting and set your budget, as well as the different CTAs (call-to-action) Facebook carries (you can tailor your CTAs based on what you want your audience to do after seeing your ad).

Of course, running an ad doesn’t stop at its creation. You will have to measure the results periodically. You will want to see its performance, how well it’s going.

Facebook offers a FREE (for now) certification course, and Stephanie encourages everyone – especially those working in social media – to get certified.

Overall, it was a great meetup! I’ve always been a sucker for new info, and it feels great to know that there are people out there who are passionate enough about social media and online marketing to put together these kinds of events.

This write-up isn’t enough, but you can always watch the Facebook Live replay on Blue Ocean BPO’s Facebook page.

Oh, and this is Angelica, who “extroverted for a cause” that day. Kudos, Gelai! Looking forward to more meetups, talks, and workshops!


Blue Ocean BPO is the fastest growing BPO company in Cebu. Are you ready to #LiveTheLifeYouLove? Send your resumes over to Check out their Facebook page to see their job openings!

By the way, the coffee at Bintana Coffee House is ah-mazing! You should go check them out too.

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