Why I Blog


I live such a boring, mundane, routine life that most people wouldn’t really be interested in reading about me, my life, and especially not about my #ootd (that means outfit of the day – for you people who live under a rock). I don’t go […]

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Got Adventure?


On Wednesday, April 5, I went to another meetup by TechTalks.ph (fangirl woohoo!) It was called “Adventure Entrepreneurs + social media clinic.” Initially, I was only interested because it was another social media meetup, and you know how I love to learn new things and […]

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How I Make It Work


Juggling between a full-time job and my side hustle (which feels like a full-time job, lol) is tough. Then there’s motherhood. And wife-hood. I also have to be a great friend and sister who listens and responds to text messages and chat. How do I […]

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