Nobody’s Looking at Your Stuff, Eh? Worry Not!


You’ve spent countless hours slaving away at your computer, coming up with the bestest ever content you can imagine. You get excited, drop it, and then… harsh reality hits: Nobody is looking at your content.

Nobody’s reading. Nobody’s watching. Nobody’s reacting. Nobody.

And it crushes your soul. I know… I’ve been there.

But hear, hear. There’s always somebody watching. And this somebody may be the only one you’ll really need. This loops back to why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Do you want to go viral? Do you want to make a difference? Do you just want an outlet? Do you need awareness for your business? Do you need a job? Identify your end goal.

In my case, I’m looking to build myself up as an authority in the community I work in: which is freelancing and digital marketing (bahaha, ambitious. And that, I am!). It has been tough, to be honest. Not a lot of people understand the concept behind this career, especially not those who are used to the traditional means of getting a job. I’ve had my share of people not taking me seriously… but wait till I open my mouth.

Going back… remember that it’s not important to have gazillions of people watch you or consume your content. I mean, it is – to some extent. What’s more worth looking into is how your content is helping you reach your end goals. My end goal is to get clients, and so far, it has been working well. I don’t care much about traffic and ads and all that jazz. I just need to consistently churn out content and strategically position them in places where my target audience hangs out (aka LinkedIn).

Likes, comments, shares, etc. – these are vanity metrics. They are worthy to be looked at and measured, but these are not the be-all and end-all. Your conversions are what matter. Are you getting clients? Are you selling your products? Are people responding to your events and promos?

It may seem like a lot of work for nothing, but trust me, someone is watching and waiting for you to drop the next one and the next one and the next one. Your job is to be consistent (tough!) and to deliver value.

I’m out.

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