No, Don’t Keep Mum on Your Goals


Been working like crazy for the past weeks, but I really gotta squeeze this in.

Last night, I read a Business Insider article about how keeping silent about your goals keeps you on track. The reasoning behind this is that, according to the writer, talking about your goals gives you a false sense of “already achieving them.”

I reflected on my this. Everyone who knows me knows I get excited real quick, so whenever I get a new idea or think up of what I want to do, I tell people. My husband’s ears are probably bleeding internally from all the chattering I do.

You see, you really can’t generalize people. True, keeping silent may have worked for Beyonce – but I’m not her and I don’t have a PR team. That’s not the kind of brand I run.

Talking about your goals reminds you every day of what you want to achieve. Well, tone it down though. I don’t see anything wrong about telling your closest friends and family. In my opinion, sharing your goals and saying them out loud allows for accountability. Once you tell someone, you’re obliged to follow through. It’s your word of honor on the line.

Impress yourself first, that’s great! That’s a wonderful idea. The writer has to understand, though, that when you share your goals, the purpose is not to impress (this is where the danger is: when we talk about the things we’re excited about with the intent to impress). We talk about our goals to remind ourselves, to keep us on track, to become accountable.

For me, before you impress yourself, I believe in motivating and inspiring yourself first. And do whatever the heck you can to do that.

Bye, gotta work.

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