Hey! Myunnamed name is Lean, and I write for a living. Currently, I am obsessed with social media and how it can be used to promote businesses and brands.

I am a content geek. I live and breathe content on a daily basis – be it in blog form, podcasts, videos, graphics, etc.

I started creating content at 11 years old. Yes, 11. I bought a set of pens and notebooks and wrote down teenybopper, Sweet Valley-like stories and sold them to my classmates. Profit was good – enough to buy myself more notebooks and pens, as well as magazines and books my grandparents wouldn’t buy for me.

In high school, I started creating the same – although it didn’t pick up. Must be because the target audience changed. So I shifted gears a bit and focused on campus journalism. I went on to win national contests and landed the editor-in-chief role for our school paper.

At a young age, I understood that I was good at helping others solve their problems using the skills that I have practiced over the years.

Today, I help others do the same. I help in my clients’ daily tasks so that they can do what they do best: lead their business to greatness.

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