5 Reasons to Make Reading a Habit


It’s easy to pass on reading because haven’t we all had enough of it while we were in school? Well, yeah, we did – and look what reading taught us: we learned how Lapu-lapu defeated Magellan, we learned that plants are living things too even when they don’t talk, we learned how to do multiplication, and we learned why the chicken crossed the road (JK, I still don’t know why the chicken crossed the road. Anyone?)

“Aww, I don’t have time to read, my kids are always on my back.”

“I’m too busy with work.”

“I’m exhausted by the time I get home, I can’t be bothered with any reading.”

Big. Fat. Excuses. 

Reading should be an integral part of our lives, especially us young professionals who are trying to create a better, more sustainable world for the next generation. Educating ourselves shouldn’t stop – ever.

Below are five reasons why you should definitelymake reading a habit:

1. Read so you can write – or write better

I didn’t have any formal training in writing. To be honest, I wish my grandparents spent money on having me attend writing classes instead of the ballet and Tahitian dance lessons they forced asked me to attend. I just discovered I knew how to write and loved writing when I realized I had too many thoughts running through my head and that I needed to get them out – so I wrote. As a writer (I like calling myself that), I try my best to read and educate myself lest I misinform my audience with crappy and incorrect content! So if you do know how to write already, then reading will make you better at it. Reading helps you find your voice and your style.

Others may say, “Oh, I don’t have a talent in writing.” Really? I don’t take that excuse AT ALL. Everyone can cultivate that talent, everyone can write. Writing is a skill you CAN learn. All you have to do first is READ.

2. Read so you can have an opinion

Well, technically, even if you don’t really read, you’re entitled to your own opinion. But what’s that opinion based on? Instinct? Gut? Just feel like it? You know.. having an opinion is good; having an educated one is better. At least when people try to take you and your opinion down, you can defend it. After all, you can’t go to battle without your battle gear. Know what you stand for and what you believe in. Reading is a helpful step.

3. Read so you can communicate better

This reason probably relates to the first two. Read so you can write well. Read so you can explain your views well. Read so you can speak better. Read so you know which words are appropriate to use during which scenarios. Read so you can understand things better. Read so you can express yourself properly.

Reading offers a whole new world for you, and I assure you, once you start reading and making it a practice, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your overall communication skills. And isn’t communication a top-commodity skill today – BPOs needing call center agents, clients needing virtual assistants who can speak/understand/write well, schools needing teachers who can get their point across, etc.?

4. Read so you can learn more

It’s a given. You learn new things each time you read – regardless if what you learned is bad or good, you still get something out of reading. In addition to this, then, is read so you can distinguish which information to digest and which ones to believe. Frustrating as it may seem, not everything available online is real (no matter how convincingly believable these so-called facts are) – so initially, before you dive into reading everything the Internet suggests to you, you need to know how to filter what your brain entertains and learn how to choose quality material. Read so you can learn how to do this first step.

5. Read so you can be more creative

The Internet is churning up gazillions of content on a daily basis! It’s an endless fountain of inspiration – tap into it! Reading allows your imagination to run wild – and with imagination pumped up, creativity flows. Be creative so you can contribute to content that the world consumes. Who knows, what you create may be another man’s source of inspiration.


Don’t have the time to read? Listen to audio books instead while doing your chores or while on the commute to work/school. Audible is a great source of audio books!

What books do you like to read? What are your favorite online magazines? What’s your go-to knowledge resource? Share!

If you want to book suggestions, let me know. Email me at hello@leanfernandez.com so I can share with you my favorites! :)

Be smart, you person you!

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