I Went to See Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye!


“Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to
And love leaves exactly when love must.”


Sarah and Phil. Kay and Kaye.

Some time ago, I chanced upon a video of two dark-haired individuals on a stage, in front of a microphone. Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye. The poem: “When Love Arrives.” In an instant, I fell in love.

I’m no poet. Not even close. But poetry is something I enjoy. Words are beautiful in itself, and how they are being knit together and sprinkled with emotion just gives me all sorts of ~feelz~. I enjoy reading poetry, but spoken word poetry – well, that’s something else! It’s often described as poetry meeting theater. How could one not love it!


So naturally, when I heard that Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye were coming, I freaked. Seriously. Like a hormonal teenage girl. Like me.

I cried when they came on stage. Seriously. Like a hormonal teenage girl. Like me.

It felt ~surreal~ (like this word hasn’t been used before – uhm, circa 2012 Hanson Shout It Out Tour). The hall was dark and the only light was on these two beautiful people. Their words were music to my ears, and I wanted to stay there FOREVER. I was crying uncontrollably, half-embarrassed because the teenagers next to me could definitely hear my silent sobs of bliss X desperation.

The show started at 7:30 pm. When I got there at 6:00, my seat number was already 187. I heard from my seatmate that night that people started lining up at 3! 500 people came to watch them. I heard the Manila show seated approximately 2,000 people. Wow.

Sarah performed her poems “Montauk,” “Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tire,” “B (If I Should Have a Daughter),” and  “The Type.” Phil did “Teeth,” “Numbers Man,” “Beginning, Middle, and End,” and “Repetition.” Together, they performed “An Origin Story” and “When Love Arrives.”

The audience wasn’t allowed to take photos or videos during the show, but we were told that we could take photos during the last poem – toward the end of the show (without flash, of course) and this is the most decent picture I took that night:

sarah and phil


Toward the end of the night, Sarah and Phil signed books (which were available for sale at the venue as well) and had their photos taken with the audience. I went ahead early, because you know, I’m a mother who has a son to put to bed. Plus, it was pretty late (9 is late for me, lame). Immediately regretted my decision when I saw photos of peeps and the two poets online!

In case you’re all curious about them, here’s a video of their poem “An Origin Story”:

Kudos to Cebu Literary Festival for putting this successful event together. I’ll forever be grateful for your bringing of Sarah and Phil to the Philippines! If I should have a daughter, I’ll let her know you guys rock!

And to you Sarah and Phil, “Thank you for stopping by.” *wink wink*

Aren’t they awesome? Let me know your thoughts! :)


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