Instagram Face Filters Have Arrived!


We’ve seen it coming for a long time, and now, Snapchat may really be in trouble.

I’ve said this before in a previous post: Instagram has a far better reach due to the fact that it has been around since 2012 and that businesses and brands have been building their following for more or less the same amount of time it has existed.

Snapchat, on the other hand, came off initially as something teens would use to send “secret” snaps to their friends. Just as it promised itself to be a rising social media marketing tool, Instagram came up with Stories. And as soon as the feature was rolled out, marketers, businesses, and brands did not think twice about¬†packing up and bringing all their content back to IG.

Honestly, I’ve only ever been on Snapchat to check out what the Kardashian-Jenners are doing and to get those funny face filters.

And then this! The face filters that make use of augmented reality is the last major feature that is left for Instagram to copy from Snapchat. Instagram is unapologetic, saying that “this is the way the tech industry works.” Oooh, I smell some Silicon Valley drama!

Good ole IG has some really cool stuff integrated into the Stories feature. For instance, you can use location stickers, hashtags, tag people РALL FROM WITHIN YOUR STORY SNIPPET. Plus, we all know live streaming is huge right now. Instagram has that too!

How to use Instagram face filters:

1- Open your IG app like normal
2 – Tap on the camera icon at the top left
3 – Use the front-facing camera
4 – Tap on the smiley face next at the lower right side
5 – Swipe through the different face filters!

So… what do you think? Would you still use Snapchat now that face filters are already available on Instagram as well?

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