How to Become a Virtual Assistant


Okay. So you want to maximize your living time here on earth by doing two things at once: caring for the home and family while earning. That doesn’t seem possible, does it? But truth be told, it is.

For four years straight, I worked from home, assisting foreign clients with their businesses. I mean, it’s not a glamorous job – but it’s definitely worth it! For those four years, I’ve seen my son grow before my eyes and have taken care of myself and my family by being present and, of course, by providing their needs.

Being a virtual assistant allowed me to do work and motherhood at the same time. Before going back full-force to working in an office setting, I made sure I had everything at home settled. I even went through a “dilemma” phase, which you could read about on my blog from last year.

So how do YOU do it?

The main struggle when it comes to looking for a virtual assistant job is experienceMost agencies prefer VAs who already possess the skills and knowledge their clients need. I mean, that would save them a whole lot of time! But in order for one to actually have any sort of experience, one has to be employed first! I knoooow. It’s a vicious catch-22!

You ask me, “How did you become a VA?”

It started when I got a job at an office that offered virtual assistant services to clients in Australia, USA, and the UK. That’s where I first learned about the demand for VAs and understood why these people seek out the help of Filipinos, especially. It is quite important to understand this need, so you’re able to getting a good grasp of exactly what they need you to do.

While I was doing that, I peddled my skills on the Internet (I had long been pimping out my skills, since the early days of the Internet). I was on oDesk, Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr – everywhere you could imagine! I also did a lot of thesis writing and copyediting because why not! I spent too much time on the computer anyway, so I’d rather put that time into good use and be productive.

Since then, I had met people from all over the world online. One client referred me to another, then another, then another.

Then I came across Virtual Staff Finder. The clients over at Virtual Staff Finder are some of the most successful online entrepreneurs of today – PPC specialists, podcasters, bloggers, authors, etc.

What skills do you need to become an effective VA?

Well, for starters, you will need to be able to communicate effectively. A client once told me that it’s difficult working with people overseas, but Filipinos make it so much easier because the language barrier does not exist. TRUTH.

I started with general admin tasks – emails, setting appointments, back-end tasks, and the like. Over time, my responsibilities and tasks have evolved to include podcast management and social media marketing. Currently, I am studying to get my Adwords certification (which is SO MUCH HARDER than I expected).

I’m a firm believer that almost anything can be learned. As long as you put your heart to it, you can do it (insert other motivational quote here).

The following are basic tasks that most clients will ask you to assist with:

  • email management
  • calendar management
  • appointment setting
  • research and data mining
  • content writing
  • content editing
  • basic graphics design
  • social media management
  • blog and content management (WordPress, etc.)
  • basic web design
  • podcast editing and show notes writing

Of course, the list goes on. Rest assured that your client will provide ample training for you. Just be honest about what you can and cannot do. Ask questions, clarify, and communicate.


I’ve compiled a basic document on the basic stuff you need to have or do to jump start your virtual assistant career!

Here you go:

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You’re welcome!

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