How Often Should You Post on Facebook?

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If you’re on your personal page, post away! It’s your space – nobody should tell you what to do.

However… if you’re a business or brand, it’s probably smart to be aware of how often you’re sharing content on social media.

Let’s talk about Facebook.

Facebook has an algorithm in which a single post has a longer life span and “visibility” on the timeline. As long as the post is being engaged in, as long as there is interaction on the post, it will live on.

It’s probably best to post 1 to 2 times a day on Facebook, spreading apart these posts – because the previous one may still be showing up and it’s a waste if you don’t allow for your other post to mature. On this social platform, it’s important to note that posting too often can do more harm than good. Don’t take up too much of your audience’s timeline – so much so that you’re the only one they see. We all know how annoying seeing the same person pop up on our timelines is. So, as a business, avoid that.

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Depending on your target audience and the hours that they are most likely active and online on Facebook, a third post may be appropriate. You’ll have to weigh this one first, making sure that the other two pieces of content you’ve released get enough attention.

It’s also highly suggested that between the 2 posts you make, 1 of them is a share from someone else’s brand page. Building rapport with another brand helps you in more ways than one. Sharing other people’s posts is helpful in networking, establishing relationships online, and expanding your reach.

Any tips about how often you should post on Facebook as a business or brand? Ping me with your tips! :)


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