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On Wednesday, April 5, I went to another meetup by (fangirl woohoo!)

It was called “Adventure Entrepreneurs + social media clinic.” Initially, I was only interested because it was another social media meetup, and you know how I love to learn new things and listen to how other people do their strategies. This is all part of my goal to become a better social media manager, so I can serve my clients better.

I got there early and talked to Kareen,’s marketing manager; Miss Tina, founder; and Johann, a fellow social media enthusiast who designs shirts and plans on selling them online.

jingCredits: Cebu Highlands Trail Project

The first speaker was Mr. Jing de Egurrola, founder of Camp Red, a bushcraft survival guild. One of Camp Red’s projects is the Cebu Highlands Trail, which was started in 2011. Sir Jing hiked Cebu from north to south in 27 days – complete with camping gear and hiking equipment. He camped out in the mountains and carried around a 20-kilogram bag! Imagine that!

Sir Jing’s goal was to get more people interested and involved in hiking and was looking to expand his reach via social media, so he can get investors and sponsors. Support Sir Jing’s guild by visiting their Facebook page.


Next up was the founder of Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure, Mr. Gene Faelnar. Sir Gene has been dubbed as the “future of Philippine motocross” 15 years ago. In his talk, he expressed his love for “2 wheels.” He has been mountain biking since 1990 and started doing mountain bike trail rides since 2005.

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure offers tour packages for all mountain bike and bike trail enthusiasts. He founded the first-ever “bike spa” in the country, which he described as a “carwash and detailing shop, but for bikes.” Cebu MTB Adventure includes the bikes, gears, support vehicle, trail guides, food (boodle!), video coverage, and a backup mechanic in their tour packages. This is the ultimate adventure tour for tourists and locals alike. Check out their Facebook page here.

Fans of the outdoors and adventure will totally appreciate these tours!

After both adventurers have discussed their businesses, we went on to the social media clinic part where we assessed what the Cebu Highlands Trail Project and Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure Tours were already doing as part of their social media campaign.

Miss Tina Amper, founder of, then discussed how both businesses can up their game by strengthening their social media presence and strategies. She gave tips and suggested on what steps both adventurers should take.

I weighed in a little bit and gave my suggestions on how they can improve their content on social media as well. :)

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