Facebook Is Down and We’re Freaking Out


I woke up today, May 31st, to horrific news: Facebook is down.

I initially tried to turn my phone off and on again, refreshed the Wifi, and even uninstalled both Facebook, Me and Instagram from my phone – then reinstalled. All to no avail of course.

So what happens when Facebook and Instagram are down? Check Twitter and take a look at the #FacebookDown hashtag. And I was proven right – Facebook has crashed. THE HORROR.

This brings us back to the discussion of why you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a space on the Internet that you can call your own. Don’t run your business on social media alone. It’s going to be fatal.

Imagine if you ran a business (or if you did run a business) on Facebook and/or Instagram… Imagine how you would get hold of your customers. What if you were supposed to do a product launch today, worked on all the promotion and marketing heading up to this day, and then suddenly, Facebook decides to flake! OH. MY. GOD.

Again, online biz peeps, be smart. Get a website. Build an email list. Have backup. We can’t really tell when the social media gods decide to take everything away from us.


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