Events in Cebu That Will Make You Smarter than You Already Are

Robert Cristobal of Frame 316 talks about content marketing to the attendees of one workshop.

Everything I know now about my job and how I can function effectively to meet the demands of my clients, I learned from the Internet.

No, really. Everything.

I work as a virtual assistant, and I have done everything from email management to podcast editing to social media management to basic graphic design to basic accounting to content writing. Name it, and I tell you, I’ve probably done it.

In 2015, my son and I packed our bags and moved from a coastal little town to Cebu City. City living is expensive, and you have to really bust your behind to keep up! So later that year, I figured I could use a boost in my rates. And because I am me, I began to plan how I could achieve that. The answer was simple: upgrade skills and zone in on one field. I chose digital marketing and spent hours and hours and hours watching video tutorials and taking up free courses online and studying like I’ve never studied before.

Long story cut short, I’m now earning more than I used to and doing less (but again, because I’m me, I’m still killing myself with work). And the moral to this already-taking-up-so-much-of-your-time intro is that you should constantly be learning. Absorb new information – if not for self-improvement, but for advancing in your chosen career path.

There are so many free resources from various authority figures/influencers online that you could use to harness your skills. But attending workshops and other in-person events can be quite valuable. Not only do you get to gain more knowledge, but these events also allow you to network and meet new people within your space. And these are your people. Those who are interested in the same things you are. Sometimes, these people can teach us a lot more through their best practices. After all, nothing beats firsthand experience.

Here are some Cebu events that are definitely worth checking out – so you can be better at what you do and meet new people whom you can share your amazing ideas with:

TechTalks, technically, isn’t a single event. But they do host and run several events that are packed with value all the time. Read more about on their About page.

Coming home inspired and motivated from a event isn’t anything new. I’ve been to several workshops and one Founders Friday as well. This Friday, I’ll be going again! Hit me up so we can say hi to each other there!

Founders Friday is held every first Friday of the month and features startup founders and tech entrepreneurs. The event is open to everyone with the desire to start a business in the web, mobile, and tech industry. It’s usually done at A Space – you know, that hip coworking space at Crossroads, Banilad.

RSVP to the Founders Friday event on June 2 here. Door fee is P250 (this includes snacks!)


Another major event they’re holding this Friday is the Building An Ace Team Workshop by Michelle Leong. Michelle is a Singaporean currently based in Iloilo City. She’s the founder of 1010life and is a certified trainer in the Myers-Briggs Personality Profiling Tool. She works with individuals and corporations to create training and developmental programs that empower people on both a personal and organizational level.

Trust me, you’re not going to regret joining this workshop. RSVP here. Early bird promo price is at P1,499. HURRY!!!

View all other upcoming events by TechTalks here.

Mixer: HackerNest Cebu


A Space (again, that hip coworking space where you can find my “rebel mermaid” and always runway-ready friend, Paula) also hosts several events that can help you enrich your mind and allow you to meet like-minded individuals. Frequently, they host tech socials such as HackerNest Cebu. This Wednesday, May 31st, A Space will be holding another mixer featuring the Women in Tech Cebu. This should be interesting and fun – because who run the worrrrld?

RSVP here. BTW, drinks are on the house!



If your interests lie more toward the arts, then BINISAYA events are the ones for you! According to their Facebook page, BINISAYA is an “organization dedicated to the promotion, exhibition, distribution and archival of contemporary Cebuano films and other Bisaya dialect films.”

Be inspired by BINISAYA’s style and get tips from some of the most talented in Cebu. So ayaw na pag-langay-langay, adto ta! (heehee, sorry was trying to be cool like these people.)

They are currently gearing toward their film festival this year with a collaboration with the Cebu Yacht Club and a screening of SUPERPSYCHOCEBU. Lined up for this event are live vinyl DJs, video art by Ernest Diño, a visual art exhibit, and many more. Check out their event page on Facebook to learn more about how you, too, can support our homegrown filmmakers and talents.

Also… there will be screenings this Thursday, June 1, at the Sugbo Mercado IT Park. See you there! :)

Are there any other events around Cebu that you know of? I might be interested! Let me know! :)


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