I Went To The Digital Marketing On A Budget Workshop


My space has been a boring little one on the Internet these past few months, and I am sorry for that. I know, I know.. I should have worked hard to keep up – but life got in the way.

Just to do a quick run-through, in the past two months, we have:

  • moved houses twice (first from our rented home to my husband’s nephew’s apartment, as our own house wasn’t ~livable~ just yet; second was from that apartment to our own house in Talisay.)
  • adjusted to the commute (takes us about an hour and a half to get from our house to Cebu City every morning)
  • been sick and tired, literally.
  • been stronger and happier than ever, knowing that life throws us all sorts of challenges but we’re still able to stand up and face them

So back to the topic at hand.. Yes! I went out of my cave this weekend! Attended a #DigitalMarketing meetup-slash-workshop last Saturday, November 12, 2016. It was hosted by TechTalks.ph, founders/organizers of Geeks on a Beach. The workshop is part of a series of workshops/events that the group has put together for their Digital Marketing Festival this November.


Found out about the workshop through a friend who RSVP’d to the Facebook event. I took a look at it and thought, Hey! I might get something out of this.

Why I Was There

So a little background: I DID NOT GO TO SCHOOL FOR MARKETING. As a matter of fact, I belong to the other side of the career-sphere. I’m a nurse, but I haven’t been active in my profession.

I currently work as a social media marketing team lead for a smartphone app. I love all things social, so it makes sense that I would find myself in this field.  Our team has had the same digital marketing strategy in place for a quite a while now, and I’m considering beefing it up or doing a couple of tweaks to optimize our social performance.

The thing with our strategy now is that it’s solid. We’ve got a high reach on Facebook (119k++) and our posts are alive with engagements. The problem is this: there seems to a disconnect between the engagements we get and the actual website traffic (on our blog) and app downloads. We can’t seem to successfully bring our audience through the funnel. It stops in social media.

I want to cry each time I open Google Analytics – bounce rates are so high, returning visitors percentage low, time spent on site is depressing. That’s why I wanted to check what other people are doing – to see where we’re weak at, to maybe tap into the great ideas that others have. As they say, fresh eyes offer better perspective.


The lecture was short; lasted about four hours. What I enjoyed most was when people raised questions and the speakers, as well as the participants, shared their ideas about digital marketing and how to create a rock-solid strategy.

Tina Amper, founder of TechTalks.ph, opened the workshop by sharing her background and telling the participants what TechTalk is all about. She then briefly discussed the basic principles of marketing and differentiated traditional from digital marketing.

Other speakers included Rose Rontal, chief programs director of TechTalks.ph (Introduction to Digital Marketing); Kareen Satorre, TechTalks.ph marketing officer (Building a Brand Using Facebook Advertising); Ryan Tan Yu of SkyGo and Mata VR (Digital Marketing Techniques: low-cost tools); and Erika Lagunzad, branding director of Sym.ph (Digital Marketing Techniques: content marketing).


All in all, it was a good meetup! I learned a couple new things that I could put to good use at work. Worthy of my 500 pesos! Check out the other upcoming events/workshops of TechTalks.ph’s Digital Marketing Festival here.

I’m excited about more events to come! Maybe someday there’d be a talk about freelance work or virtual assistance.

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