Nobody’s Looking at Your Stuff, Eh? Worry Not!


You’ve spent countless hours slaving away at your computer, coming up with the bestest ever content you can imagine. You get excited, drop it, and then… harsh reality hits: Nobody is looking at your content. Nobody’s reading. Nobody’s watching. Nobody’s reacting. Nobody. And it crushes […]

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Why I Blog


I live such a boring, mundane, routine life that most people wouldn’t really be interested in reading about me, my life, and especially not about my #ootd (that means outfit of the day – for you people who live under a rock). I don’t go […]

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Got Adventure?


On Wednesday, April 5, I went to another meetup by (fangirl woohoo!) It was called “Adventure Entrepreneurs + social media clinic.” Initially, I was only interested because it was another social media meetup, and you know how I love to learn new things and […]

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