6 Biz Rock Stars You Should Follow on Social Media Today


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a want-preneur, a writer, a virtual assistant, or just someone who enjoys learning new stuff, you should be checking out these awesome people that I’ve been following (err, cyberstalking). These are not your common pop star/Kardashian-Jenner-esque people. This is a list of the smartest, brightest, most amazing people I’ve found on the Internet, and they’ve made a whole lot of difference in my life as a content writer, as an aspiring social media ninja, and as a person, in general, because boooy are they inspiring!

1- Chris Ducker


On the very top of my list is the one and only Virtual CEO, Chris Ducker. My VA friends may know him as the man behind it all, the founder of Virtual Staff Finder. Virtual Staff Finder matches busy entrepreneurs with highly qualified and talented virtual assistants who work from home.

Chris Ducker is a best-selling author, with his book, Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business, changing the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs. He’s a sales and marketing mastermind, plus he understands the Filipino culture of having close family ties (that’s why he treats his employees as family and allows them to spend time with their loved ones!) And when I grow up, I want to be just like him. Heeeheeee

What will you get when you follow Chris:

  • Tons of value and information about the world of sales and marketing
  • Tips on content marketing
  • Productivity hacks that ACTUALLY work
  • Aaaand you’ll be entertained with his awesome personality and humor. He also has a cute son that will totally melt your hearts!

Go check out his website on www.chrisducker.com.
Follow him on:

Twitter: @chrisducker
Facebook – oops, I don’t think his page is available for Philippine readers. Not sure. I tried to look for it, but really couldn’t access it.
Periscope: @chrisducker
Twitter: @chrisducker
Snapchat: chrisducker
Instagram: @chrisducker
Listen to his podcast here.

2 – The Merrymaker Sisters


The happiest place on the Internet is on www.themerrymakersisters.com. NO KIDDING. Go to their website and suck up all those giggles and all that pink!

The Merrymaker Sisters are Emma and Carla Papas, and they share recipes of yummy and healthy food! They say that they are “health and happiness advocates and passionate health coaches on a mission to merrymake over the world!”

“Make life merry” and “follow your bliss” are just two of their catchphrases that I’ve totally caught on since I started following them a year ago. These girls are the cutest and smartest people on the Internet today, and they’re kickass entrepreneurs as well! They’ve created a business around their blog, thus living every person’s dream of making a living off your passion! I’m a super big fan, and you should be too!

What you’ll get when you follow the Merrymaker Sisters:

  • Daily inspirations and cute quotes on cute background that’s great for social media sharing!
  • Yummy, healthy, easy-to-do recipes
  • On their podcast, they interview a lot of inspiring guests that you can learn tons of value from!
  • Fun Snapchat stories! YAS!

Follow Emma and Carla on:
Facebook: The Merrymaker Sisters
Twitter: @themmsisters
Instagram: @themerrymakersisters
Snapchat: themmsisters
The #MerryBiz podcast

3 – Darren Rowse aka ProBlogger


Darren Rowse is an author and speaker, a full-time blogger, and dad. He is currently making a living off blogging and helping others to become better at what they do! His site, problogger.net, is “dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.”

I enjoy reading his posts because I’m trying to become better at blogging, too, and he offers tips that are mega valuable! Plus, he has a Job Board up on his site (which is where I got my gig for Lifehack.org!) If you’re a blogger or a blogger wannabe, ProBlogger is the place to be and Darren Rowse is the mastermind to follow!

What you’ll get when you follow Darren:

  • Tips and tricks on how to become better at blogging
  • Content ideas! LOTS of it – for FREE!
  • Blogging strategies – what works and what doesn’t
  • How to monetize your blog – and a whole lot more!
  • Also, he occasionally features little snippets from the fun times he has with his kid! Adorbs!

Follow Darren Rowse on:
Facebook: Darren Rowse
Twitter: @problogger
Instagram: @darrenrowse
Snapchat: darrenrowse
The Problogger Podcast

4 – Amy Schmittauer


My girl crush from Columbus! Amy is a content marketing and social media marketing superstar who skyrocketed to success through her informative YouTube videos. She is also the founder and creator of SavvySexySocial, “a web show helping rising stars and personalities produce their brand authority.” Right now, Amy travels the world as a public speaker, bringing along her charm and that amazing brain of hers too!

What makes Amy so fun to watch is that aside from looking really good on camera, she talks really well, and she’s funny too! Mad editing skills as well.

What you’ll get when you follow Amy:

  • Information that will totally improve your social media game!
  • Tips on vlogging
  • Value bombs on how you can create a social media presence and strengthen your brand
  • Lucy, Amy’s dog, makes appearances on her Snaps. And you know that pets make everything better!

Follow Amy on:
Facebook: Amy Schmittauer
YouTube: savvysexysocial
Twitter: @SavvySexySocial and @Schmittastic
Snapchat: schmittastic
The Social Authority Podcast

5 – Dan Norris



The bearded man behind WP Curve is Dan Norris. He is the serial entrepreneur and knows a sh*tload of information about content marketing (sorry, I really had to say sh*tload because Dan says a sh*tload of sh*t and the F word on his socials). He’s probably one of the truest, most authentic people out there. In addition to being a badass in business, sales, and marketing, Dan (with a couple of friends) runs a brewery called Black Hops. Beer + business? Not bad!

What you’ll get when you follow Dan:

  • Content marketing tips
  • How not to write a resume (lol, loved this post)
  • All things beer! Check out Dan’s craft beer brewery here.
  • Sneak peek of Gold Coast living! (yes, sunsets by the beach, anyone?)

Follow Dan on:
Facebook: Dan Norris
Twitter: @thedannorris
Instagram: @thedannorris
Snapchat: thedannorris

6 – Gary Vaynerchuk


Because why wouldn’t you follow the legendary #GaryVee!

Like Midas who turns everything he touches to gold, Gary Vaynerchuk seems to have a magic touch in businesses. He grew his family’s wine business (from $3M to $60M, OMG) in just FIVE years. Makes me feel like I’m just throwing my life away.

Gary emphasizes on #hustle. He values hard work and dedication. More than brains and skills, he believes that a person who has goals, has plans, and who has the drive to wake up each day and work on getting those plans into action is a person that is destined for success. I love how he focuses on emotional intelligence and reminds us that EQ indeed plays a huge role!

What you’ll get when you follow GaryVee:

  • Daily inspiration by way of amazingly produced videos
  • Value, value, and more value!
  • Tips and tricks on how to run a business online and offline
  • You’ll also get to listen to his relaxing voice! (I don’t know about you, but I find his voice totally relaxing!)

Follow GaryVee on:
Facebook: Gary Vaynerchuk
Twitter: @garyvee
Instagram: @garyvee
YouTube: Gary Vaynerchuk
Snapchat: garyvee


So these are the top 6 people I make sure to learn from every day. There are lots more out there, and I will make sure to let you know who they are as I go!

How about you? Who are the people in biz and blogging that you look up to the most? Let me know in the comments! Who knows, I might find someone new to ~cyberstalk~ heehee

Much love,






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